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Customer Statement Error

when I run the customer statement, hide paid invoices, credit notes and payments, the resulting list of outstanding invoices doesn’t show all invoices. It only lists exactly 100 outstanding invoices. My customer has 133 invoices outstanding. The balances at the bottom of the statement are correct though.

Hi @davemoore

Just to clarify the issue here - the list only shows 100 invoices instead of the full list of 133? Everything else however, is correct?

That is correct. Also, if you export the data, it exports 133 lines. So I’m guessing it’s just the statement view that’s got the issue.

Thanks for confirming. Let me send you a private message and get a few more details from you.

Hi @davemoore

Thanks for your patience here.

I’ve checked with a developer and the statement view is limited to 100 items. We can certainly consider extending this, but it would need to be looked into further. In the meantime, I would suggest creating a feature request for this (in the #feature category), and we can take a look if there’s enough interest.

In the mean time, I’ve asked our development team to see if they can make any improvements here so you can at least view all items.

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Hi @davemoore

The statement view has now been extended to include more items. Are you able to check and confirm this is working for you?