Customer statement shows no details


I need to send a client a statement, i went to the sales area, the customer, then view-statements, selected the 12 month range, the report is created, and it gives a total but shows no data/details, is there a bug?

account : ****411989


Are there any outstanding invoices associated with the client? Also are you hiding any items here?

If you want to PM me the client name I can take a look for you.

ah, i am a numb skull, i saw those boxes but read the label wrongly… my fault, apologies


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No problem, glad you sorted this.

I’m having a similar problem. Client statements are not showing item detail when the detail is from an Item Line entry. They seem to show just fine from a time-based entry. For example, I provide a time-based service to John Public, and it displays the item detail (description) on the Statement. But if when I provide an Item-based service (e.g. “Monthly Consulting Fee”, the statement doesn’t display the detail. Any help with this is appreciated! Currently I’m having to save the printed statement as a PDF file, download it to my computer, then edit the PDF document reflect the item-based service. And it looks messy, usually, when I do this.


@HappyMan All the statement does is display the first line description from the invoice. If you have multiple lines on an invoice it will always pull the first line.

You can actually just edit these descriptions on the main invoice list:

You can also switch on an option that allows you to name invoices on creation. This can be found in Account Settings >> Company Settings >> Advanced Features.

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