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Customise Default Purchase payment method


I found a post with instructions to change the default to CASH using a custom script.

$(function() {
  $(".purchase-purchaseDetail-aspx #dropMethod").val("CASH");

This works, but I want to set mine to Debit card, not Cash as nearly all my transactions are conducted that way. I have tried a few possibilities (DEBIT, DEBIT CARD, DEBITCARD …) that all leave my form field blank. I would like to know if these options are documented somewhere and what to use in place of Cash.

Hi @Nick

Can I just double check which page you’re doing this for. Is it the view a purchase page or the purchase overview page?

Thanks for coming back so quickly.
This is for whenever I create a new Purchase

Thanks for coming back to me.

So for “Debit Card”, you would use DCARD.

For reference, here a full list taken from the dropdown itself:
You can use any of the “value” values here.

Hope that helps!

Brilliant. Just what I needed.

Many thanks.

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