Customise order of time and unit based invoice entries

I would welcome some support on customising invoices. I often have the need to issue mixed unit and time based invoices. Our services are two stage with a fixed fee followed by an hourly rate fee. Is it possible to position the Unit lines above Hour rate line? When adding new Unit lines they always appear under the Hourly lines and I cannot move them.

Time based entries are hard-coded to appear before unit based entries. For now I’ve switched this to a feature request.

On a similar theme, I would like to just itemise my charges by date rather than task as I charge people per visit and they need to know the dates I was there. At the moment I use the ‘Task’ column but it looks a little strange with ‘Task’ as the header to a string of dates. More customisation would be useful.
Also, in the ‘standard’ invoice template in the new style gallery, the position of the date and invoice number box [line 60] should be 160 pixels down the page rather than 80. I’ve adjusted mine but others may find their logo picture overlaid.

In the invoice customisation area you can actually just hide the first column:

Then just include the date in the description field. The logo overlap adjustment will differ depending on the logo aspect ratio, There’s a how to guide on this here.

Yes, This is what I have been doing but would still like to have more customisation. Having said that, I am very happy with a very good system and look forward to using more of the features as mu business [hopefully] grows.

Similar to those above being able to change the order of the invoice components would be great