Customising routine emails

Is it possible to do any further customising of email templates?

I know I can use email tokens, as you explain in the Customise your email templates support page, but is there a way that I’m missing to include URLs that get converted into clickable links?

It must be possible in your back end, because we get the ‘Click here to view your invoice’ hyperlink. I quite often want to include a sign-up link or similar in my routine emails, and at present can only see how to include this as plain text…

Thanks for any pointers on this, or could it be converted into a feature if it’s not yet possible?

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Hi @mlawson

Apologies for the delayed reply on this.

The email templates are just HTML, so you could very well make a clickable link with a bit of code.

For example:

<a href="">Click here to go to Google</a>