Daily / Weekly digest

Would it be possible to have like a daily or weekly email digest on recent account activity at all?

For example, a daily update on any outstanding invoices, any recurring invoices that were created in the last day / week, and things like that? Could help with chasing outstanding invoices etc, and just to see what the system is doing in the background.

It would just be nice to have a daily or weekly overview (I think daily may be better?), but not sure what your server resources are like for things like this!

It wouldn’t be a problem to implement something like this. In fact it’s on our development plan, although unfortunately I don’t have a fixed time-frame on this right now.

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Ah! That’s good to hear! :smile:

Could I be a bit cheeky and ask what is actually in your development plan? Would be great to see what’s planned!

We don’t usually disclose any specific projects we’re working on for various reasons, the rationale is explained in a little more detail on the post below.

Quick File Roadmap

I can say however that project level reporting and time-tracking are two areas that we will be focusing on in Q1 of 2014. We’re also developing some additional consultancy based services for sole-traders and partnerships as well as a setup package to help users migrate from other systems.

While we’re working on these areas we’re also juggling many other small fixes and improvements within the core system.

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That’s fair enough, what you’ve written sounds great (and actually more than I expected as a reply!)

Looking forward to seeing some of these features appear in the system!

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