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Dashboard - invoice management timestamps

Just noted something a little strange as I raise my invoices for the day. For one of my clients, the Recent Events log (below dashboard) times my sending the invoice electronically at 7.08pm. It then captures my client logging in and viewing the invoice at 7.46pm. So far, so good. If I then click on ‘money owed to you’ from the dashboard and onto the relevant client name and look at the last login info (in the contact details box) it shows as 6.46pm, i.e. an hour earlier!! Maybe the client masterfile has not changed to British Summertime!!! An identical situation is evident with another client…

Well spotted :wink:

I’ve logged this with our team.

Hi Mathew,
Don’t think this little issue has been sorted yet…
I’ve just signed in and am viewing a client’s details. In the contact details box it records last login as ‘Today at 4.46pm’. If I go down to Recent events associated with the client and hover over the left hand column is shows ‘June 5 2019 5:46 PM’…still this hour difference. The events log is clearly correect but the login timing is an hour behind!!

Hi @gardenman_2803

Apologies for that! I’ve asked someone to take a look for you.

Hi @gardenman_2803,

The fix for this has been issued, if you are still noticing differences then please let me know.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi again, this issue ‘came onto my radar’ the other day and I suspect things are still not right. I go into my lisy of unpaid invoices, click on the client name of one of them. It shows last login of ‘yesterday at 10:14 pm’. I look in the Recent events area and the entry at the top of the list shows 1d in the left-hand column. I float my mouse pointer over this and it shows 9:14 pm. Still an hour difference here…why?

“Why?” - almost certainly because the database stores everything in UTC and only converts to local time for display, and there are clearly still a few cases where the conversion has been missed one way or other.

Hi @gardenman_2803

Just to confirm, this is in the recent events list, specifically for a client login?