Dashboard not loading correctly

Just checking no one else having problems with loading the dashboard this morning? Looks more like a site map. No problems with any other pages. Cache now cleared. Speed VG. Works on hand held devices. Thanks

Hi @truroboatservic

There are no issues at the moment. It does sound like its device specific given that it works on handheld devices for you.

What web browser are you using?

I use google chrome as my browser. Have just attempted to log in and am experiencing same conditions as truroboatservic mentions…

Certainly a bit strange! I use Chrome, but I’m not seeing any issues from my end.

If you press F12 and go to the Console tab, do you see any errors? You’re welcome to send these to me in a private message if they contain account information (click my name or avatar, and then Message)

How do we get this script to you? Mine has not changed at all and is still behaving the same way. Its fine on I.E though so will switch to that for now


In Windows 7 - Chrome Settings - Advanced - Reset and Clean up - this seemed to work


You can send them to me in a private message if you wish:

I’m also on Windows 7. You say reset and clean up, then what? There are two options:

  1. Restore settings to their original defaults or
  2. Clean up computer

Hi @truroboatservic

I just wanted to post here as we’ve just helped another user with the same issue, which appeared to be related to an ad blocker extension with Google Chrome. Disabling it seems to have done the trick however.

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