Dashboard - Sales and Purchases summary and graphs

The summary on the Dashboard of SALES / Total invoiced / Total Received / Monthly Balance and PURCHASES / Total Purchases / Total Paid / Monthly Balance are displaying amounts which are different from when you drill down on the hyperlinks and showing unusual balances. The figures on the reports are correct, it is just on the dashboard where it looks a bit odd!

Can you provide a specific example? I checked a few of the headline figures and they look fine to me.

Account: redpebble

I have only been able to save a copy of my Dashboard as a pdf, so I can’t upload it.

Here a few details from the dashboard:
Total invoiced 255.00 821.62 337.78
Total Received 328.21 821.62 565.72
Monthly Balance -0.01 0.00 0.00

Should the monthly balances show as Invoiced minus Received? Similar figures are shown in PURCHASES.

No, the balance will be the unpaid balance on all invoices raised in that period. If it were invoiced total minus received it wouldn’t be all that useful as many received payments will relate to earlier invoices. The same logic applies to purchases.