Dashboard Sales


I have an invoice that was issued on the 27/02/2014 and was PAID on the 01/04/2014, but for some reason that sale isnt showing on my dashboard sales graph for April.

Any ideas why?



If the funds were received in April the amount should show under the Total Received line:

The value of the invoice should show on the Total Invoiced line for February. This is what happens when I simulate this in our test account.

If you don’t believe this is happening, please send me the invoice number in question and I will take a look.

Total Invoiced and received is correct, but I think its a little confusing that the bar chart only displays total invoiced for the month and not total received.

The bar chart shows the total invoiced with the red portion reflecting what is still outstanding from the total invoiced for that period. This allows you to quickly see what aged debt you have…The alternative is to show two bars for invoiced and received for each period, even though this more closely correlates to the tabular data we felt that this would be less informative as a large proportion of invoices get paid the following month.

You may want to take a look at the custom reporting tools as this will allow you to develop more granular views of your data by nominal codes.