Dates changed on invoices when flagged as sent

We have noticed that lately all the clients invoices date are changed to ‘today’ date when flagged as sent even if the invoice was raised several days or weeks before. This has caused issues with some of our clients accounting dates. It did not use to be the case before. Can the program not do this please and just keep the date of the creation of the invoice please.
Thank you.

Do you have this option set to ‘On’?

It’s under Company Settings.

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We will check this, thank you.

No it is off. So not the issue I am afraid. Thank you anyway.

This setting should prevent issue dates getting changed. I will look into this and get back to you.


When I test (single “update as sent” and bulk “update as sent”) it doesn’t touch the issue date.

Can you walk me through the steps to reproduce this please?

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