DD collection and BACS payment against same invoice

i have an invoice that was collected by DD(newly established), but also payment was made by BACS.
i have removed the BACS payment, and it shows that DD was taken, but the balance on the invoice is still showing the full balance
can you help please?

From what you have written I can think of several possible scenarios so I will address the most ;likely.

I assume that the customer made the BACS payment first forgetting that the invoice was due. I also assume that this was a GoCardless DD initiated through Quickfile.

You would have tagged the BACS payment flagging the invoice as paid.
DD then arrives but the invoice is already paid.
You then deleted the BACS payment resetting the invoice to unpaid.

I don’t know how QF will handle the DD in this situation.
I would guess that the most likely result is that the transaction is sitting untagged in the GoCardless Holding Account, in which case just tag it manually against the invoice.
Less likely but possible is that it is simply held as a credit on the client’s account, in which case use it to pay the invoice manually.

If those options don’t cover it then we need full details of how the transactions were made and the sequencing.

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