De-Tagging entries which then get deleted (Part 2)

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I am the client that was referred to in this original thread De-Tagging entries which then get deleted however the item line in question was not a manual entry, it was created by an automated bank feed and therefore and was not created by the tagging.

Therefore please can you investigate why these lines were deleted when I untagged them.

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It depends where in the system you de tag something.

For example if an automatic tag creates a journal and you delete the journal then yes the transaction will be deleted also.

But if you simply detag a transaction from the bank account entries this doesn’t delete transactions.

Hi Paul,

I only Untagged the transaction - I did not delete the journal entry, at least not to my knowledge.

I have attached a loom video link which shows exactly what I did.

Is there a way to check this as it has caused much frustration with my statements not reconciling.

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So what I’ve noticed is, if you have transactions tagged as transfers between accounts, sometimes if you untag the transaction that gets tagged by tagging the other bank account as a transfer it will delete the transaction.

For example say bank A and bank B.
I tag bank B transaction to bank A and match the corresponding transaction.

Now if I go to bank A and untag it, it sometimes deletes the transaction in bank B.

The only way around this is to untag from bank B.

So to confirm, are you untagging the original transaction you tagged as a transfer or are you untagging the tag that was assigned to the bank entry from the other account?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for this - that’s exactly what’s happening. I untagged in the account in which the transaction was created by the transfer.

Going forward, I will untag via the original bank.

However, this concerns me that this is the case as it seems very easy to untag the wrong one, therefore removing many transactions.

Can anyone from QuickFile explain why this is so fragile?

Thank you.

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I can understand the logic of it deleting though.

If you create a bank entry from tagging as a transfer instead of matching it to an already existing entry then of course, if you de tag it will delete the created transaction.

To me that seems logical since the entry was created by the tag. Untagging would uncreate it.

I guess the methodology behind it is, multiple tagging / untagging may create multiple transactions.

Hi Paul,

But that’s what I’m saying - the original transaction was not created by the tagging, and that is what is has deleted.

It was created via an automatic bank feed and therefore should never have been removed. I understand removing the “tagged” transaction, but this is not what it has done.


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