Dealing with 2022 vat returns

How do I set up files to submit overdue 222 vat returns?

How do I set up files to submit 2022 vat returns

Hello @RobertWilliamHenry

You will first need to attach your HMRC account

Once attached you can then enter your transactions.

On the Reports > Vat Returns > create screen it will show the last 5 returns, if the return you are starting with is older than this you can access these by going to Reports > HMRC > Vire > Vat obligations and using the previous/next tabs to navigate the years.

Hi Steve

I’ve got the same problem - I’ve checked the HMRC link and that is showing as good - but when I go into the overude return (in sequence), quickfile seems to link OK to the HMRC site, the entry boxes are ‘green’ and then quickly go grey, precluding any entry. What am I doing wrong and What do I need to to file the overdue return ?

I havent used knowledge base before - so hopefully I’m in the right thread.

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Under the new Making Tax Digital rules you cannot simply enter numbers into a VAT return form any more. The values that go into the return must be derived directly from your accounting records (invoices and purchases) with no manual transcribing or copy/pasting of numbers.

You have two choices: either keep your accounting records in QuickFile directly and let QuickFile calculate the return from those, or keep them in some other software, have that software calculate the return box values and export them in some kind of spreadsheet format, then upload that exported spreadsheet into QuickFile to submit to HMRC.

It is not acceptable simply to create a boxes 1-9 spreadsheet by hand and upload that - the point of MTD isn’t the electronic submission per se (which has been an option for years under the old system) but rather the aim to eliminate human error by requiring digital links between your backing records and your returns.

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