Dealing with cheque receipts not yet lodged with bank

To explain. My previous account package presented the unreconciled banking journals as a tick list. These were ticked if they appeared on the bank statement and if the balances reconciled the statement was closed. The following month any transaction that had not been reconciled the previous month were brought forward along with the new period items and ticked off as before.

I am not able to find a way of dealing with the situation where a cheque receipt of £15 was posted to QuickFile in, say June, but not lodged with the bank until sometime in July. When attempting to reconcile Qickfile with the June bank statement the £15 shows in Quickfile but not on the bank statement for June.

I wish to record the date of the receipt of the cheque on the posted journal. Obviously I need this £15 to be part of the July bank reconciliation.

Bank statements are not imported as the number of movements are small.

Advise or a solution would be appreciated. Thank you

You can create and use another bank account, call it “Cheques Account”, any cheques coming in or going out can be tagged with invoices using this account and when these cheques finally clear main bank account, inter bank transfer can be recorded.

A few weeks late for me to respond but thank you for the solution anyway.