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Dealing With Refunds For Invoices Prior to Setting Up With Quickfile

I have just created an account with Quickfile well in advance of the Making Tax Digital deadline for VAT purposes.

I have entered all information in Quickfile for the current quarter only, as HMRC have all details for previous quarters. However, I want to add a part refund receipt for a payment made in the previous quarter. I can’t see anything in the help section that deals with such an issue, only references to previous invoices (but there aren’t any to link to, because of the reasons above).

How do I add a receipt for this and what do I classify it as (it relates to a 0% VAT item)? I would appreciate any assistance.


Hi Brian,

You may be best to speak to your accountant to make sure that it is allocated correctly. You would have entered opening balances when you set up your QuickFile account so you should be able to tie the refund back to one of those?

Thanks for your assistance, Beth. I didn’t set up opening balances, I’ll check that first and see what happens.

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Hi Beth,

I entered all of my transactions from the previous quarter, then located the invoice where I received a refund, created a credit note and it worked fine. Thanks for your guidance.



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