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Debtor/creditor balances not agreeing to nominal ledger

Please forgive me if the topic has already been addressed.

I welcome the debtor/creditor reports which can be generated at a specific point in time.

However, mine do not seem to agree to the nominal ledger trade debtors and trade creditors codes.

I never post journals directly to the nominal ledger, always using the S/L and P/L, so don’t think this is the problem.

There seems to be some sort of reconciliation at the bottom of the export, but it is not very informative. The rows are as follows:

2100 balance

But this doesn’t add up so not a proper reconciliation.

Does anyone know what this means please? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Kind regards

Hello James. Where are you checking your Nominal Balances?
If you’re looking at the “Categories” screen rather than the “Balance Sheet”, that could be your problem.

Hi David

Thanks for your reply. No I am looking in the Balance sheet.

Kind regards

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