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Debtors Balances - Prepayments



We have a difference in the Balance sheet Debtors (and creditors) and the Debtors/Creditors reports. We have found it is the prepayments as per a previous query raised. Sadly all of our Debtors difference are dated pre 06/04/17 so VERY historical items

I have some questions:
Why are the prepayments are not showing on the Debtors accounts?
To correct this I assume I need to move the prepayments to sales?

Thank you


If you download excel report of historic debtors/creditors report section, you can have list of prepayments which you can use to fix it i.e add missing invoices or delete prepayment entries from bank if not applicable anymore



Thank you for taking the time to contact me and reply.
I understand finding the information on the Debtors/Creditors report history but can you help me understand why these are not showing as open items on the Debtors ledger?

Thank you


Open items on debtors listing would be unpaid invoices, prepayments are not invoices



Thank you again but surely if you were paid £125.00 for an invoice that was only £120.00 surely there should be £5.00 on the account to be used against future sales if applicable?


You can see that £5 as prepayment on customer account.
You can also all prepayments on debtors under Sales>all clients>Advance search with Prepayments option ticked.

QF wont show prepayments under debtors listing