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My debtors report and debtors per the trial balance do not match.
It has taken me ages but I have finally identitifed the difference as the previous years prepayments balance. The current year has no prepayments. Why does this differ and how can I get them to match?

The debtor balance can be made up from the following items:

  • Outstanding invoices
  • Prepayments
  • Journals
  • Opening balances

On the debtors report you can run an export that will show the breakdown of the prepayments. In most cases (assuming no journals or OBs on the debtor control account 1100) the prepayments and outstanding invoice balance will net to the figure reported in your trial balance and balance sheet report for the same date.

We’re happy to take a look for you, just drop me a private message here with your account details.

There are no prepayments this year but the difference is the same as the prepayments last year which doesn’t make any sense.
Please can you have a look. How do I PM the log-in details?

I will send you a private message now to get a few more details. Please look for the green notification in the top rigth hand corner.

Have those prepayments from last year since been allocated to invoices or are they still held on account?

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