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Default invoice / purchase name


Is there a way to set the default name on an invoice / PO to the invoice number or PO number, or a different default? That would make it easier in the list of invoices / purchases to find the one you’re looking for.

I give my invoices and POs a reference that relates to the company buying the product, but currently always have to change the name from the default “description” which as it stands is a fairly useless name for the invoice/PO.


Hi @Pelican10,

Unfortunately there is no default way to set a default for this. In the list of invoices the invoice numbers are there to see so I am a little confused by this point?

You may find it useful to show the purchase reference column in your list of purchases (the “modify columns” button is quite hard to see as its grey on white at the top of the page).

I can see the invoice numbers, so they and the customer name will have to do. But often I have a number of different sales to the same customer so I like to have the reference number, as this snapshot shows

The “MapInfo MATS” or the “D3D MATS” isn’t that useful, it’s the reference (PGG-…) that I need.


Thanks Ian, that is useful - I hadn’t seen it before. Doesn’t do quite what I’m hoping for but useful for other info anyway!

I take that back, @ian_roberts - on the invoice list it does exactly what I need! Not on the purchases though.

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