Default project tags

Apologies if this is already covered somewhere but I can’t find it.

When a client has a default project tag attached in the client details, new invoices automatically get tagged with this tag. If I remove the default project tag it appears to remove the tag from previous invoices too, even if they are locked. Is this correct?

Thank you.

Hi @Silverfrost

All invoices have their own individual project tags. They can be added or removed at any time, regardless of if the invoice is locked or not.

But removing a project tag from one invoice, should only remove it from that one, not others. Are you seeing different to this?

I’m trying to remove the default project tag from the client so that future invoices don’t have the tag as opposed to removing the tag from individual invoices.

I removed the default from one client and the tag disappeared from an old invoice. I can now see how to reinstate it so thanks for pointing that out.

Now I can’t seem to replicate the problem with other clients.

(My situation is that I had a tag called #euvat to help with compiling the EC sales list. As this is no longer required, I want to remove it from all future invoices but not previous ones)

Hi @Silverfrost

I’m glad you managed to sort this out, but if you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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