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Hi i am new to quickfile (quite happy with the old accounts book but have to go digital, total pain in the proverbial) Our Business is farming and would like to ask if there is anyway to customise the “Default Purchase Category” listing for a supplier. I know i can over type it when entering each receipt but would like to change the defaults to something more suitable.

Open the supplier record and click on “Modify Supplier Details”. You will probably need to scroll down, the default category for the supplier is near the bottom of the screen.

Thanks for that but the problem is that there arn’t the categories that i require. i need things like cattle feed, fencing, tractor fuel etc. It apprears that i cant over type them as a thought either

Hi @helen-john

You can create your own if you wish.

If you go to Reports >> Chart of Accounts you can add new ones to suit your business. On the same screen you can also go to More Options >> Add/Remove Popular Codes and hide some of the ones that aren’t relevant.

Had just about got there but this will save some time
While I have your attention i have a query that will probably be specific to farming in that when i sell cattle i dont raise an invoice but the purchaser sends me a statement on how much he has paid me. No problem so far but, here is the problem my cattle are zero rated for VAT but there is a handling fee that the purchaser deducts and that has vat applied. this then is deducted from the amount he pays me for the cattle if you get my drift. ie cattle worth £4013.58 handling fee £75.60 + £15.20 Vat (£90.72) payment received £3922.86. Can email you a copy statement is this doesn’t make sense.

This is a case of what’s called “contra invoicing” where the same person is both a supplier and a customer. QuickFile doesn’t have support for this directly, but you can handle it by creating a dummy bank account called something like “contra holding account”. Now you record a sales invoice for the sale of the cattle (£4013.58, no VAT) and separately record a purchase for the handling fee (£75.60, 20% VAT), mark them both paid on the same date using the contra holding account, and you should then find the balance on that account matches the amount you actually received (£3922.86). Now you can tie up the loop by tagging the money that arrives into your current account as a transfer from the holding account, which returns the holding account to zero.

Thanks for the info, thought i would need to create and invoice for the handling fee but couldn’t work out how to link them to the one payment. got to admit it sounds abit complicated but will give it a go. This was so easy to do in the collins book.

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