Deferred Tax and Directors accounts, self assessment and final reports

Once you’ve helped me with Director’s Loan Account and Deferred Tax would you then be able to produce the Reports Directors need to file at Companies House and HMRC? Also would you be able to do the self assessment my client needs as an employed person but also a self employed director with all this taxing and prepayments she needs to make. Would you be able to do that kind of computation and form filling in and what would the approximate cost be for this separately. Would I be able to run this set of accounts free or would you require the £200 for a limited company?
Many thanks Abigail

HI Abigail,

I’ve sent you a private message, it may be best if you reply to my private message, you should see a notification of the private message in the top right corner, simply click on and then select the new message from the list.


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