Delete a credit note

Our account number is Account: 6131434654. we issued a credit note CN 007 with the wrong date but cannot delete or amend it. Are we doing something wrong?

If you go to preview the credit note there is an option to delete under the “More Options” menu, have you tried that?

Yes and when we click on that all we get is an option to add or modify a project tag and when we press cancel that nothing happens

I just clicked it and showed a confirm box “Are you sure you want to delete this credit note?”, I then clicked the “Yes” button and it proceeded to delete.

What browser are you using?


Many thanks and Yes it has gone and I have re-issued with the correct date. We never saw such a message. We are using Google chrome

I’m also using Chrome. The only thing I can think of is perhaps the menu was very close to the project tag button? If you encounter this again you can also delete the credit note from the main Invoice Management screen by clicking the red delete icon.

Bizarrely we tried that as well but it did nothing. Maybe I should have logged out and logged back in again.

I’m not sure? I will however keep an eye out for any similar reports from other users.