Delete vs. archive messages and invoices

I want to know if there is a way that I can delete a message instead of just archiving them. I was testing messaging with a client’s account, and now want to clear the messages before I activate her account for her.

Also, can i delete invoices once I create them?

thanks in advance,


Messages can only be archived not deleted. I can however manually delete all message from our end, just let me know the client. Invoices can be deleted at anytime.

Another thing you can do if you were just testing is to perform an account wipe. This will clear all data in your account, you can also configure this to ignore clients and suppliers.

How do I clear my account

Great, well I only have one client input so far, so if you could delete all the message threads there, and as well delete the archived invoices from your end, I would appreciate it.


I’ve cleared that conversation for you. I’m afraid I can’t delete archived invoices, for that you would need to manually delete or wipe the account.