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Deleting a credit note

Hi, I am trying to correct a client entry where the customer overpaid on an invoice, the overpayment was refunded, but an unnecessary credit note was created. The credit note needs to be deleted and the refund allocated to the original invoice. Whenever I take these steps QuickFile re-creates the credit note. Please advise. Thanks.

Hi @deathandtaxes

Was the refund against an invoice itself, or was it against a payment tagged as a prepayment on their account?

It should have been against the invoice itself, but when I tagged the refund against the original invoice, the system created a credit note instead.
The transactions were:
Invoice for £200
Payment of £100
Payment of £125
Refund of £25
This should balance the account without creating a credit note, which would incorrectly understate the sales.

Ok, so the invoice was paid in full then, and you had £25 sat on the client’s account as a prepayment. Is that correct?

Yes, there does seem to be a £25 prepayment on the account. How can I match this to the refund?

The way to do this would be to firstly click on the on prepayment itself.
This will show a list of the payments that remain unallocated (which are classed as prepayments). View the payment you wish to refund part of.

And lastly, click “Refund Balance”
This will create a pre-tagged entry for you, so if you already have a bank transaction which is untagged, you can go ahead and delete this. Your account should then balance, and the payment be refunded.

Hope that helps!

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Many thanks for your help!

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