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Deleting a Recurring Invoice Profile through the API

Having completed the Recurring Invoice Profile generation, please confirm that the InvoiceID item in the body of the response is the same as InvoiceID for the Invoice/Delete API method.

I’d hate to delete an actual Invoice transaction by mistake rather than the intended action of deleting just the recurring profiles.

Hi @Mike

When you create an invoice we’ll return an invoice ID. This should be used for all invoice related actions thereon in.

So, for example, if the response to Invoice_Create was this:

    "Body": {
      "InvoiceID": 7742636,
      "InvoiceNumber": "000058",
      "LineItemsCreated": 2,
      "InvoiceTotal": 180.00

An Invoice_Delete call would use the InvoiceID from here:

    "Body": {
      "InvoiceDetails": {
        "InvoiceIDs": {
          "InvoiceID": [

Hope this helps!

Thank you @QFMathew, I rather suspected that this was the case, but I did not want to presume anything. The cross-reference table does indeed contain the InvoiceiD of the result from the Invoice/Create API call, but I wanted to double check that this was the right key feild to use.

I presume as well that a request to delete an invoice refernced by InvoiceID would only be sucessful if the Invoice concerned existed in the domain for the overall account.

Best regards


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