Deleting an unused login name

When I set up Quickfile I created 2 additional users and they were sent mails. For one user it went to junk and she cleared her junk before logging in.
On Quickfile I can see a 2 rather than 3 users. I recreated the missing user but this was not allowed as the email existed.
To get going we used her name and a personal email.
How do I get rid of the phantom email address? I cannot see it to delete it.
The user can then just amend her login to show the company email address.

To remove users you need to be logged in as the main admin user. You will then see a delete icon for each;

quite, and this is what we did before contacting you in the first place.

However, QuickFile tells us that the name is already in use, when it is not.
Our user has entered her private rather than company mail address just to get working.
We have just tried again to amend her account to change the password - QuickFile will have none of it as it tells us the name is already in use. It is not.

If it says the email is in use it means that the email has been registered to another QuickFile account, not necessarily the one you’re working on. We only allow one account per email address in QuickFile.

If you enter that email here, the system will send you the account name to which the email is registered.

Removing the email from that account will then free it up for use in any other QF account.