Delivery Note Address & Address Label

How do I print a delivery note with the clients delivery address on?
The client has a head office address and a delivery address and also requests delivery to sites.
So what is the process for raising an invoice to a client and printing a delivery note to his preferred delivery address.
How do I print an address label to stick on his box for dispatch?

Hi @ChrisatIIOnline

The delivery note feature isn’t overly complex in QuickFile, and simply mirrors the invoice itself but with a signature strip and date along the bottom so the receiver can sign for it.

If you were to include the delivery address as a comment line on the invoice, this would show up on the delivery note too.

To view/print the delivery note, simply view the invoice and then go to More Options >> View as delivery note.

This isn’t something QuickFile supports at the moment I’m afraid.

Hi Mathew
Thanks for reply, find this very odd and frustrating as I would of thought this is a fundimental basic level requirement for an accounts package to have.
Adding a comment line is not a very streamline solution for sending out 10’s of deliverys a week and the “view delivery note” option does not lend itsself very well to printing out multiple delivery notes at once.

Hi @ChrisatIIOnline

You’re more than welcome to start a #feature request for this, and we’ll monitor the interest in it. But at this time it’s not something that’s supported I’m afraid.

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