Delivery Notes, adding goods been delivered to customers satisfaction


Really love Quickfile, it’s brilliant. Just found the delivery note option, this will save a lot of time, but when we use delivery notes we need a signature. Is there a way of adding a sign, print and date line onto the delivery note?

Would really appreciate any help on this…

Many thanks.

Pleased to hear that you like the software!

This is not something that we currently support although it may be something we can cater for through extending the advanced customisation tools.

I will leave this feature request open for others to comment/vote. If it proves to be more popular we’ll certainly take another look.

Thanks for the reply, little confused though as its a delivery note, it requires a customer signature so thought this would be a standard feature? if it was a packing note that would be different, but a delivery note always requires a signature.

Thanks anyway


It didn’t come up on the original discussion when developing this feature, although admittedly we didn’t have a great deal in the way of participation from other users here. We started along the lines of adapting the invoice, at least having something rather than no solution at all.

I’m sure we can adapt this further without too much difficulty, it’s something I’m sure we’ll look at in time.

Hi is there any news an adapting the Delivery note,

I too could do with a section for signiture, print name & date on the bottom of a delivery note.

love everything else about Quickfile.


This would be a really good function.

This is something we will be looking into in the next few days. I’ve updated the thread status to “Planned”.

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Pleased to say that this was a very straight forward implementation.

You will now see the following appended to any delivery notes.

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It’s great. Thanks for implementing this. There is one other thing which is it still says quote on the top. Not a big deal but just letting you know.

Thank you for your help. Like I say, I love quickfile.

Slight spelling error:

Goods received in good by condition by:

“in good by condition”

Oh well spotted, fixed!