Deposit for work

What is the best way to go about recording a deposit for work to be started at a later date?

Basically the job is due to start in a few weeks, normally all Quotations/invoices are sent using excel so thought as signed up to this would try the estimate and invoice side of things.
So made the quotation and converted it to an invoice which marked itself as sent (thankfully it didn’t as did not put their email in) I am collecting a deposit to pay for ordered materials but can only seem to show the invoice with the deposit payment on. Its not a big issue but the invoice has todays date with full payment to be done with 7 days although the job is not due to start for 3 weeks.

So after a way of showing total for job, their deposit and the remaining balance without having the pay 7 days from now

also we use to have a second page with terms and conditions is there a way to attach that as an additional page

Hi @McHaleBuild, would you rephrase your question? It’s little confusing and I’d like to be clear what is it you’re trying to achieve here.

Are you VAT registered? That may have am impact on what you have to do.

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