Detagged then retagged sales invoices duplicated

I tagged a sales invoice, then realised that the VAT was incorrect (20% instead of 5%), so detagged the item and retagged it with the correct Vat amount.

Now both invoices are showing in the debtors control and the P&L account.

How do I remove the original invoice with the incorrect amount of Vat?

Hi @strivs

You can simply delete the invoice (view the invoice, go to More Options >> Delete this invoice).

In future, it may be easier to just modify the invoice rather than recreating it. This would allow you to change details such as the VAT rate/value.

Hope this helps!

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The correct method would have been to de tag the invoice. Then edit the existing invoice instead of creating a new one. Then re tag that invoice.

Thanks that seems to have worked

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