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Different colours for client names in All Sales


Is it possible to have different text colours under Client Name on the All Sales screen? Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere - I have searched and can’t find an answer. Reason for asking is that we have some clients who we invoice monthly, others quarterly, and our invoice clerk is struggling to differentiate between them. Having the client names in different colours would help her lots. Thanks.


Hi @ofca

There isn’t a way to do this at the moment I’m afraid.

Perhaps a workaround would be possible - for example, if you don’t use the account reference field, use this (and hide it on the invoice/estimate)?


This can be done with custom CSS if you have a power-user subscription. Each client link sends you to a page whose URL looks like https://mycompany.quickfile.co.uk/clients/detail?cID=1234567 with a specific cID per client, so you could edit your “global CSS” and add rules like:

.page-sales-index a[href*="cID=1234567"],
.page-sales-index a[href*="cID=1765432"] {
    color: #ff0000 !important;

for the appropriate client IDs to change the colour of those links. The .page-sales-index limits the rule to just the list-of-sales page, and the [href*=....] matches links whose target contains the specified text.


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