Different styles for Invoice and Estimate

I am not sure whether this has been answered before and if it has please advise me where to look. I am on the affinity platform and have customised the invoice style for one of the accounts, in particular, i have customised the way invoice notes are printed. My problem is it that this style is also applied to the Estimates. My question, how can I apply different styles to my Estimates and my Sales Invoices or is this something that Quickfile does not support

Sorry, I forgot to ask if there was any of removing invoice notes from delivery notes. Any help will be greatly appreciated

That is correct I’m afraid we only apply one style to both invoices and estimates. Delivery notes however can adopt a different style, you would initially create the style in the invoice section and then set this to be used as the default delivery note style in the advanced features section.

Relevant KB Guide: How can I customise my Delivery Note?

Thank you for your response. Are there any plans in the near future to allow different styles to be applied to estimates and sales invoices. Basically, we use estimates as a booking confirmation form and a sales invoice as a billing transaction. It would be absolutely fabulous if this is something you could consider implementing in the near future as I am sure it will be a very useful addition to Quickfile features.

What I do at the moment is use 2 different styles (minor differences between them), and simply set them on an item by item basis. So when you’re viewing it, just pick the correct style for that particular one.

Although, I can see this would be prone to human error (e.g. wrong style), but its a simple solution for the time being.

There is no plan to introduce this right now although if it is something other users would be interested in we could possibly add this. We’d like to see more interest first before making a decision.

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