Digital Online - VAT Submission

I went online to use Quick File and needed to submit a simple 0 NIL return. I filled in the relevant fields, It then was ready to connect and submit to HRMC, which I believe there is an API does this in the background. I provided all the details from VAT number to Company Number, but the page reported it couldn’t recognize the company. Is this this a common issue, or specific to HRMC. Is there an easier way of submitting a 0 NIL VAT return. The Connect button tries to interact with HMRC, and I did state I forgot UserID and Password, so connected via code to my phone to verify who I was, but still no ability to interact with HRMC.

Hello @Kamil_Erkadoo

“I did state I forgot UserID and Password”

Can you log into your HMRC account directly now?

If this is working correctly please follow the steps detailed here

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