Direct Debit invoice paid over 3-12 months

I would like to raise an invoice for various items and give clients the facility to pay over 3-12 months depending on the amount and specific situation.

Is it possible to do this or will GoCardless only take the full amount.

I could create a recurring invoice for the amount split over the period but wondered if there is any other option?

Some invoices will end up with rounding errors so the final invoice would have to vary by a penny and this would just be a bit tedious if I can’t automate it in some way.

You can create a one-off invoice and set a payment term over 3-12 months. If you had a Direct Debit authorisation for that client you can then manually requests funds at intervals of your choosing. But you would need to remember to do this.

The only way to automatically collect funds using GoCardless would be to setup a recurring invoice, then GoCardless will take the full value of the recurring invoice. You could for example set a recurring invoice to collect £100 per month for 6 months, but this will result in 6 invoices rather than 1.

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