Direct Debit Payments - When will I receive payment?


I have had 2 direct debits authorised and linked them with the recurring invoices. When will I receive the first payment?

The first payment is actually overdue so does it take the payment automatically or do I need to manually collect it?

Thanks in advance.

When the recurring invoice is created an instruction is immediately sent to GoCardless for them to collect the balance of the invoice using the pre-authorisation. Typically it will take 7 days for the funds to reach your bank account, as soon as this happens GoCardless notify Quick File and we lodge a payment against the invoice and update it’s status to “Paid in Full”.

If you login to GC dashboard it would tell you at what stage is the process of collection itself. DD collection date is not the same as you getting money from GC

Thanks. When I log onto Go Cardless I can see both clients and on one of themit says Take Payment now. I want to just check if I have to manually take the first payment here or if that will mean I end up taking twice if I do that as it is linked to the recurring invoice on quickfile.

Have any invoices been created yet from the recurring template? If they have you should be able to preview this invoice and look at the event log at the bottom. Here it will show if a request has been made to GoCardless to collect payment. If no invoice has been created from the recurring template you should see a next due date, on this date (providing auto-bill is checked on the recurring template) the funds will be collected automatically by Direct Debit.