Direct Debit PreAuthorisations

I have successfully set up a direct debit for a members subscription using the goCardless integrated system. I note that the pre-authorisation amount is £5,000.

For our club, nothing like this limit would be needed. Can I change the per-authorisation figure to a lesser amount and if so, how.

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The pre-authorisation is automatically set to £5,000 per month, therefore you can collect any smaller amount up to this limit.

Direct Debit Guarantee:

If may be worth noting that all customers are protected by Direct Debit Guarantee, the Direct Debit Guarantee protects customers from payments taken in error. In the case of any incorrect or fraudulent payments, the payer is entitled to a full and immediate refund from their bank.

Okay, that seems clear enough. Again, very many thanks for the quick reply.

I have carried out s test transaction. The cycle is slightly different from an enterprise accounting system which generates DD transactions on the BACS system. It seems that the Invoice on a DD enabled account will be emailed to the recipient with a link to pay online - at which point the recipient logs into ‘GoCardless’ and accepts the transaction, initiating the request to his bank to pay the invoice.

I am puzzled about a couple of points though : As yet the DD instruction has yet to appear on the recipients bank account (The recipient was me in this case ofr a test transaction ) The other thing though is what is preventing the recipient entering false banking details into gocardless. hopefully there is some background cross-matching to prevent this from happening.

You’re referring to one-off PayLinks here (That’s what GoCardless call them). If you have a pre-authorisation you don’t need to use this method. When a pre-auth is setup for a client you can manually request funds (up to the DD limit) from the client screen.

Taking generic payments using a pre-authorised Direct Debit

Nothing, although the Direct Debit Guarantee is there to protect against such fraudulent transactions. Any such dispute raised by the genuine account holder would be automatically upheld and they would be immediately re-credited.

I was not intending to use a one-off pay link, so I might have got a confused. I raised an invoice for a test amount and e-mailed to to me to my other e-mail address (in the role of customer)

In my role as ‘customer’ When I opened the email and then followed the link to pay online I was then transferred to gocardless to request the funds transfer.

Perhaps I should explain what I am planning to do.

The clubs membership year starts on 1 January. Between now and then I am hoping to get the approval of as many members as possible to use the direct debit system. I will send them the pre-authorisation request to that everything is set up.

Come January 1st, I will have a recurring (annual) invoice set up for each member for their annual membership. The idea is that the system sends these to the members and the DD funds are extracted on the appropriate date. It is not clear to me at the moment if the invoice should go out with the ‘pay online’ option enabled or not, and, if not, presumably I request the payment directly for each member using the tool provided in the customers area, and as shown in your earlier replay.

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From what you have described, setting up a pre-authorisation for each member is certainly the way to go about this. Once the pre-authorisation has been agreed you would then create an annual recurring invoice for each member. When creating the recurring invoice template you will see an option Auto-bill with Direct Debit. If you check this box payment will be automatically collected on the date each invoice is issued.

Many thanks Glenn.

Quickfiles customer service could teach many companies a thing or two - very impressive.

On another matter, I have sent a message to the QuickFile through the contact us page on the website. I have come across a problem which I think should not go on the community forums.

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