Direct Debit with GoCardless

One of our clients initiated a Direct Debit (DD) setup with GoCardless by the end of March 2024, and our March invoice was successfully collected via this service. Regrettably, I neglected to enable “Auto Bill with Direct Debit” on the recurring invoice for this client, resulting in the April invoice not being collected. Upon realizing this oversight, I have activated today “Auto Bill with DD” on this invoice. However, it’s uncertain whether the system will attempt to collect the April invoice, issued on 20/04/2024 with a due date of 30/04/2024, or if the client will need to pay it manually. Additionally, I’m unsure if the system will automatically process the next recurring invoice due on 20/05/2024, or if the client must set up DD again. Could you please help me how shall I guide my client on that. Thank you.

Hi @Iwona1

If you view the invoice itself (rather than the template), you will see a notice at the top of the page if there’s a direct debit scheduled for that invoice.

For any invoices without a direct debit, you can go to More Options >> Collect by Direct Debit and initiate it.

Hope that helps!

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