Direct Debits and Account Credit?


At the moment I have a client who pays me monthly by direct debit using recurring invoices/GoCardless (great feature).

Is it possible for me to give this client credit from time to time and have the recurring invoice automatically deduct the amount needed by the direct debit?

For example:

If, normally they pay £15 a month and one month I give them £10 credit would the invoice create a direct debit for £5?

Also, if I was to give a credit of £20 would the recurring invoice automatically pay £15 from credit for one month and then for the next month use £5 credit and £10 direct debit?

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The recurring invoice would always collect as per the value of the invoice irrespective of any account credit. To do what you propose here you would first need to untick the auto-bill option:

You would then need to manually request the funds for that month at the reduced amount.

Thank you for your reply.

Am I right in thinking the account credit is the correct feature to be using if I wanted to reward a client for recommend another client?

For example, if I wanted to reward a client with £50 to use throughout the year should I use the credit feature?

If I was to add £50 credit to a clients account does this show up as £50 income or is it income once they spend their credit?


Yes, account credit is perfect for this scenario. One thing to bear in mind however is that when you create an account credit, it needs to be logged against a bank account. Obviously in this case your credit was a goodwill gesture and would not actually feature on your bank account. I would create a new bank account in the bank management area and call it something like “Goodwill Credits”. You can then log and track all such credits here.

Log new credits here:

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