Direct Link to Client Area for a Specific Client

Say you’ve prepared multiple quotes for a client. It would be useful to send the client a link to the estimates page of their admin panel. For example, there’s a link in the estimate email that has an auto login key. What would be useful is to be able to send a similar link to the client which takes them to the home page of their client area. That way you could email a client and just say something like click here to go your client area and then click estimates to view your quotes.

Better would be to be able to send the client directly to their estimates page or a specific estimate.

It could be in the More Options drop down.

Does this already exist?

Hi @cr123

I don’t believe this exists already. As always, we’ll leave this thread open for other users to add their vote and/or comments to.

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Can I +1 this myself? We really need this…

Also, a direct link to the quote or invoice in the client’s area…

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It would be really helpful to have the token @ClientAreaID@ added to the “New Statement Created”, or the ability to change wording shown on tokens, as my clients don’t understand that “Click here to view your statement”, will also take them to the client portal…



I asked for this feature ages ago.

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Does this feature exist yet? I’ve just uploaded multiple invoices for a client that I want to direct them to but can’t see a way that I can. How can I do it?


Hi @StephL

There haven’t been any changes here unfortunately. For now you may wish to add your vote at the top of the thread, to show your interest in this suggestion.

Thanks Mathew. Do you know a good way that I can alert them to all these invoices? I assumed, clearly wrongly, that since you could personalise the client area that there would certainly be a link to it. It seems like a very big flaw to me? Or am I missing something? Surely the client area is there for clients to manage their accounts, in which case direct access would be a given? Just my thoughts… Wish I’d thought to check before I entered all my invoices :confused:

(Have added my vote at the top of the page… Thanks)

You could either send them a link to one invoice, which would automatically log them in. From there, they can access the rest of their account - all invoices, all estimates and statements.

The other option is to give them a password (one would have automatically been generated anyway, so it may just need changing), and they can log into their account directly.

Thanks Mathew - that works perfectly. I’ve just tried it with a test email address. Would it become a problem if that person already has an account set up with the email I set them up with? I’m going to send it to the accounts manager of a company we work with. If someone else has done it, is that likely to be an issue? Or will it still take them directly to our client area? Sorry if this is usually obvious - I’m completely new to this system.

So the way it works, is each contact has their own key to log in. If you send it to an email address, the key is unique to that person and the invoice/estimate (so we know where to take them).

If it’s sent multiple times, then it won’t cause an issue.

Hope that helps?