@DirectInvoiceLink@ HTML Tag Broken

Hello there seems to be a broken HTML tag @DirectInvoiceLink@. I seem to get the following being e-mailed to my customers:

'_blank' style='font-size:14px; color:#0000FF;'>Click here to view your invoice

I couldn’t see any way for me to edit this myself so can someone update this please?

Thanks in advance.


I’ve tested and can’t replicate this.

Do you have particular invoice number you are seeing this with? What email program is your client using, some have been known to strip out hyperlinks.

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I think it’s been pretty much all invoices that I’ve sent out to people that I’ve noticed the problem. What I’ve been doing is CC myself in on the e-mails to check them as I’ve only started recently using QF and that’s where I’ve seen the issue. I’m using a web based e-mail through my web host who I believe uses a system called Open Xchange. I haven’t actually looked at one using a standalone e-mail client yet if i’m honest so I’ll try that now.


OK I’ll look at the outbound HTML on our side to see if that’s going clean. I wouldn’t have thought it would be an issue our end as we’d have a lot more reports of this if the links were getting corrupted.


I will PM you a transcript of the HTML leaving our server.

Hi Glenn, got your PM thanks. Sorry I’ve not got back sooner. I checked on Thunderbird and the link works fine, and in fact a customer replied to one of the e-mails which came back to the web based e-mail and the link was fine there too! Not quite sure what’s going on but at least it seems to be fine for our customers receiving the links. Thanks again for your help.


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That’s great, I think following the update on our side it will even appear fine within your email.

You would just click here on the main forum screen:

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