DirectInvoiceLink token on New Payment Received emails


One of my clients pays me cash on the night I do the work, so I raise an invoice there and then and instantly send a New Payment Received email without sending out a New Invoice Raised (referred to as NPR and NIR hereafter) email first.

In the NPR template I simply copied and pasted this text from the NIR template:

To view your invoice or obtain a PDF copy please follow the link below:


Now this client’s bookkeeper is telling me that she only sees @DirectInvoiceLink@ but not the link itself, after prodding her over why she never retrieves any of my invoices (since March this year!).

The strange thing is, none of my other clients have ever told me that they don’t see a link in the NPR email, so either this has never worked and no one bothered to tell me, or it has stopped working at some point.

I just checked the list of available tokens in the NPR template, and indeed DirectInvoiceLink is not in the list (that’ll teach me to just blindly copy and paste).

Would it be possible to make this token available in the NPR template?

Not only is this useful for situations like mine where sending out both a NIR and a NPR email is just overkill, it also prevents other clients from having to dig out the NIR email, just to obtain the invoice link.

Many thanks,

Hi @Aerion

Thank you for your suggestion!

I’ll pass this on to our dev team and I’ll come back to you shortly.

This is a relatively straightforward request so we will work on this Monday morning. I would imagine it would go live by mid-week but I will come back and update you when this has happened.

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@Aerion the DirectInvoiceLink token is now available to use on the Payment Received Notification email.

If you need any further assistance please get back to us.

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Thank you so much for implementing this so quickly!


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