Director Salary / renumeration

We are a small Limited company with 2 directors with retirement pensions from a previous Public Service. We have recently had to change accountants and our new accountant works “differently” to the old one. (I do mean old BTW). I have been asked to prepare a P and L statement which is not an issue. However, I have been told that our monthly salary (we do not pay NI but do pay PAYE) must be shown in the P and L as a NET and not as a GROSS figure.
Any clarification would be welcome as there is a clear implication for pre tax profits and subsequent Corporation Tax

P&L always have Gross Salaries

I agree with @FaradayKeynes
P & L should always show gross salaries. Perhaps you can add the new accountants as a user and let them have a look around the software for themselves.

many thanks for the responses - we now agree!!