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I am trying to generate DLAs for the four directors of our company. The help is not giving me the correct information on how to do this.

Equally when I think I have it and re-tag the values from the original DLA by QF the values does not transfer over.

Can anyone offer a step by step guide?


Hi @Stevenlcvt,

Are you able to give any more information on what isn’t working/what steps you are taking?

You should be able to set up a new DLA account from the bank account screen, I’m not sure what you mean with the tagging.

When I click on the Banking tab, then +Create bank account, I select a loan account. Here I do not get the same value choices as the original QF DLA settings 1201. I would like the loan accounts to follow the same number sequence in QF so No1 = 1201 No2 = 1203 and so on. The one I have generated this way equals 1251 and doesn’t show when running the chart of nominal accounts or balance sheet.

I’m Partnership rather than Limited, but I got accounts in the 120x range by creating them as “equity” rather than “loan” accounts. On the chart of accounts asset/liability accounts are hidden by default unless you expand the section, and on the balance sheet accounts don’t show if they have a zero balance at the balance sheet date.

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