Directors Salaries showing in Profit & Loss Statement

Hi there, Why doesn’t my P&L report show Directors Salaries. It was included in last years P&L statement. I keep trying different things but nothing seems to work. Has something changed? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

What date range are you running the P&L for? The last posting to 7001 (Directors Salaries) I can see on your account was in February 2014.

My date range is 1/04/2014-31/03/2015. I tagged all salary payments from bank account to net wages ticking directors salary but it doesn’t show up on that years p&l statement. Not sure what I’m doing different to last year. Thanks

Have you checked that they’re not on NET Staff Salaries Paid (7003)? If they are you can select them and re-code to 7001.

Perhaps the checkbox was missed? I’ve tested this on single and bulk tagging and they ended up in the right place, 7001 for director salaries and 7003 for regular salaries.

Hi Glenn It was under net wages 2220. Its the button where it says net where you tagg it from salary, dividend andother drawing. However, I’ve re-tagged them through code 7001 and now it works. Thank you.

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