Directors Salary

I am a director and would like to include my salary in my accounting for tax/dividend purposes. However as a general rule I don’t really take out a salary. as we very rarely have any money in. How do i get around this.

Are you running payroll for director’s salary?

I get my accountant to run payroll where he calculates the tax, NI etc I have to pay. Is this what you mean

Director’s salary can be accrued, does not have to be cash flow item straight away

thanks for the reply. What do you mean by accrued?

Accrued are expenses incurred but not actually paid

hi the only way that i can see how to do this as shown in the help files is to tag a salary paid from a bank account. I don’t actually take anything out so how do i record this transaction. Can you step me through it please as I am a novice.

Thanks in advance

You need to do a journal for it.

how do i do a journal


Reports > Journals > Create new Journal

thanks I’ll have a go.

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