Disable client access to client area

I’m trying to disable a client’s access to their client area by changing their password without telling them, which I though would work. However, the client can still access the client area by clicking on old email links (which must be a bug of some sort!).

Does anyone know how I might disable access to a client area for a single client? (Notice I don’t want to ‘delete’ the client, only stop him from seeing his own client area).

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

It’s not a bug, end user clients will always be able to log in automatically by following previously issued invoice links. The only way you can revoke access to the control panel is by deleting the contact from the client record.

We have discussed introducing a control that will always enforce manual login, this would mean that your method would work fine. If this is something that would help you I can certainly try to bring this forward?

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