Disable not in use bank accounts?


Please cold you enable a feature where we can disable bank/loan accounts which are no longer in use but can’t be deleted as they contain transactions.


When you say “disable” can you be a bit more specific about how you would expect this to work? Disable new entries into the account? Hide from this lists?.. anything else?

If we have a bit more clarity on how this should behave and it is supported by a handful of other users we could look further into this.

In the mean time you could just append (do not use) to the name of the bank to avoid confusion.

Sorry I never replied to this before.

In order to deal with Loans issued, I create a new Loan account every time and credit transaction there. When the loan is repaid, the account is no longer required.

Maybe perhaps we can make an option to hide a bank account and only show when clicked “Show hidden accounts”?

Or maybe perhaps if you can share a better way of dealing with short terms loans, that would be helpful too.