Disappearing invoices


I thought I was imagining it. But it’s been confirmed by my accountant. Invoices I have entered in the last month and were there last week, when I allocated payments to them. have disappeared from the system. I’m trying to do my VAT return and it’s a huge problem. I have a list of the missing transactions

Can anyone help as I’m up against a deadline and need to see how much the VAT refund is going to be



Hi Sara,

Are you able to expand on it a bit further please?

  • Any invoices in particular you think are missing?
  • How are you viewing the invoices (e.g. what page)?
  • Have you archived any invoices?

hi @Sara

Are you using backups? uif so there a chance they might be copy in there

Prepayment 04/11/2013 ICO Information Commissioners Office 35 0
Prepayment 19/11/2014 ICO Information Commissioners Office 35 0
Prepayment 08/09/2014 123 Reg, WebFusion Ltd 5.99 1.2
Prepayment 15/07/2014 123 Reg, WebFusion Ltd 5.99 1.2
Prepayment 17/07/2014 123 Reg, WebFusion Ltd 5.99 1.2
Prepayment 24/11/2014 123 Reg, WebFusion Ltd 17.97 3.59
Prepayment 07/04/2014 Twilio 12.58 0.5
Prepayment 26/08/2014 123 Reg, WebFusion Ltd 17.97 3.59
Prepayment 11/12/2014 Twilio 13.25 0.53
Prepayment 10/12/2014 Deposit Photos 17.64 3.53
Prepayment 13/10/2014 The Way Ahead Group (Salon International) 19.17 3.83
Prepayment 28/08/2014 SPB Business Advisors 3.64 0
Prepayment 07/01/2015 Zadama Limited 2000 400
Prepayment 11/04/2014 Saxoprint France 54.56 10.91
Prepayment 28/08/2014 Double Seven Square Accountancy Ltd 50 10
TOTALS 8121.25 1525.58
Thanks for the quick reply. These ones. Sara

I don’t think I am. Is that something separate I have to activate?
Thanks for the reply

Prepayments aren’t invoices.

I can find all those payments by going into each respective supplier and clicking the view button, followed by “All payments”.


To expand on the above, when you create a prepayment all you’re doing is allocating some funds against a supplier. The ICO for example has £70 allocated to the supplier account (but not bound to any invoices).

What you would typically do next is create the invoices then click the “Log a payment” button, you can then allocate those prepayments to the new invoices.

hi @Sara

it is in account settings, then all settings, then weekly monthly backup

but i don’t think this type of thing will be backuped glenn can verify if it is, but invoices are

Hi Glenn,

But when I posted the payments the invoices were entered, they are no longer there. I know this because my accountant and I went through every single transaction together, to check that I’d put them against the right nominal code.

I really thought, I’d just been mistaken, but he confirmed that I wasn’t imagining it.



Thanks I’ll do that


The invoice were definitely never there, I can assure you of that.

QuickFile never physically delete invoices from accounts, so even if they were there and subsequently deleted they would appear in the deleted list.

Also even if the invoices were deleted, there would always be event log entries there.

Hi Glenn,

Before I re-enter them again, can you just confirm there is no way to restore them? Ive set the back now too.



There is nothing to restore as they never existed to start with.

Thanks for checking Glenn.

No problem, if you need any help linking the prepayments to invoices let me know.

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